About Us

             Company RE3-PRODUCT DOO was founded in 2008 with its headquarters in Plandiste, Republic of Serbia. Our activity is collecting and recycling plastic and cardboard and we are doing it at three locations, two in Plandiste and one in Vrsac. We have long-standing cooperation and experience in dealing with renowned companies whose non-hazardous waste we collect, recycle and disposed of in a socially responsible manner, while respecting the highest standards in this area.
Our business is fully in compliance with the Standard ISO 9001, ISO 14001 i ISO 18001, and we export about 35% of our products to 7 nearby countries and the EU.

The main products are:

  - PVC hard- milled
  - PVC soft - milled
  - PP milled and regranulated
  - PS milled and regranulated
  - PET regranulated
  - PET preforms - milled